Education Advocacy

Appointed California State PTA Positions Past and Current

  • Leadership Mentor/ Leadership Commission (2009-2011) worked with different areas in the state to help run their non-profits more effectively, teaching and presenting.
  • Legislative Advocate/Legislation Team (2013-2015) As a legislative advocate we follow all legislation as stated above. We also do a yearly conference in Sacramento with the Speaker and teach our leaders who to effectively advocate for in the Capitol. We follow up by meeting with legislators the following day.
  • Membership Services Commission (2019-2021) We work on programming and how to engage and encourage parents to join PTA and become a leader in their schools, at the regional, State or National PTA level.
  • Legislation Team ( 2021-current) As a Legislation Advocate for the California State PTA I oversee all aspects of the California State budget in regards to education and I am the federal Advocate for the State PTA as well.

California State PTA Committees

  • Arts Committee (2015-2019) Working with Create CA to promote arts education in our k-12 system. Reaching out to parents about the importance of the arts in our schools.
  • Budget Committee (2015-2019) Working on revising the State PTA budget to align with a fiscal year, established a budget/ fiscal committee and reversed deficit spending that had been done for nearly a decade. I left them with a balanced budget and more money in reserves which has carried them through the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Board Development Committee (2015-2019) Developed State PTA Board of Managers teaching and learning opportunities for all state leaders. This is done three times a year.
  • Bylaws Committee (2017-2019) Spearheaded the revision of local and regional bylaws to make them more user friendly and not a barrier for parent involvement. These were also translated into Spanish and can be done electronically.
  • Finance Committee (2015-2019) worked on developing a balanced budget, as well as made recommendations for multi-year plans.
  • Events Steering and Convention Committee (2009-2019) The California State PTA Convention draws between 1,200 and 2,500 parent leaders from across the state. It takes about one year to plan for this event. At my first convention we held a Gubernatorial Education Forum, with ABC News Anchor, Marc Brown.  This was to engage our members in the importance of voting in the election and provide them the opportunity to hear from candidates.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (2015-current) As President, both of the conventions I oversaw had speakers focused on equity and inclusion. My last Convention had Dr. Witherspoon from Generation Ready who spoke on equity and cultural proficiency, he also gave us two state PTA board developments to help build equity and inclusions in our local schools and PTA boards.
  • Grievance Committee (2015-2017) Reviewing written complaints to see if there were any violations of policy or state bylaws. Then correcting any violations.
  • Investment Committee (2015-2019) Reviewing the state investment plans and making recommendation on bond or stock investments.
  • Legislation Action Committee (2007- current) Reviewing all proposed legislation that impacts, children, all aspects of education, education funding, families, CalWORKs, Medicare, state budget, and federal legislation.
  • Resolutions Committee (2015-2017) We help local and state leaders develop resolutions adopted by the delegates at the state PTA Convention, I have helped write, develop or pass these over the past few years. Early Care and Education for all of California’s Children, Improving and Stabilizing Education Funding, Dyslexia Addressing the Educational Implications in Public Schools, Climate Change is a Children Issue, LGBTQ+ Inclusiveness in Health education California, Inclusive Schools Build Stronger Communities.

As a school board Trustee in Cloverdale I served on the; Policy Committee as Chair, finance committee, and the School City Sub-Committee.