Current commissions and committees

City Council Committees-

Board of Public Utilities (BPU) – Council Liaison

As the liaison to the BPU we meet with the board to discuss the policy direction of the BPU. The BPU manages a massive innovative system-supply of recycled water and wastewater, in addition to the City’s drinking water and all our facilities. Major infrastructure improvements for our water treatment facilities are being planned for the near future. As a liaison I give direction and feedback as a city council member, prior to items coming before the council. I also report back to the Council during our bi-weekly Councilmember reports.

Climate Action
As a member of the Climate Action Subcommittee (CAS) I help provide guidance and oversight of the City’s Climate Action Plan. The goals of the CAS and the City of Santa Rosa is to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions and ensure long-term sustainability for climate resiliency. The full Climate Action Plan can be found here:

Climate Action Plan PDF

Open Government and Community Engagement

The Open Government and Community Engagement Subcommittee is established to facilitate input from our community and guide staff on how to implement best practices for an open and transparent government. This committee is part of the implementation process from the former Mayor’s Open Government Task Force. The ordinance for the City of Santa Rosa can be found here:

Open Government Ordinance Revised Final